One of the most common places 
Cortland County youth get access to alcohol is at home. 

Alcohol use among Cortland County youth increases the most between 8th and 10th grade. 

More Cortland County youth have had alcohol in the past month than tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs combined. 

60% of Cortland County youth report that they have not talked to a parent about the dangers of alcohol use in the last year. 

Tips For Talking About Alcohol Use


Talking often builds an open, trusting 
relationship with your child.

Children are more likely to avoid drinking when they have a strong, trusting relationship with their parents. Get into the habit of chatting with your child every day. 


Lots of little talks are more 
effective than one "big talk.

Sitting down for the "big talk" about alcohol can be intimidating for both you and your child. Try using everyday opportunities to talk— in the car, during dinner, or while you and your child are watching TV. 


When you do talk about alcohol, make your views and rules clear.

Take the time to discuss your beliefs and opinions about alcohol with your child. Be honest and express a clear, consistent message that underage drinking is unacceptable. 


As children get older, 
the conversation changes.

What you say to a 9-year-old about alcohol is different from what you say to a 15-year-old. Children also can't learn all they need to know from a single discussion. Make sure that the information you offer your child fits their age. 


Remember that the conversation 
goes both ways.

Although talking to your child about your thoughts about alcohol is essential, it's also important to hear their point of view. Give your child the opportunity to ask you questions, and listen to what they have to say. 


What you do is just as 
important as what you say.

In addition to talking often with your child about alcohol, it's important to set a good example. If you choose to drink, you can positively influence your child by 
drinking in moderation. 

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