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What do we do?

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Education and Awareness

We develop easy-to-understand communications materials to improve information exchange.

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Environmental Strategies

Implementing strategies that change behavior at the population level by changing the context (places, occasions and circumstances) in which they occur. 

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Coalition Building

If we're going to solve large scale problems impacting our community like substance abuse and literacy, we need to coordinate and align our efforts.

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Data  & Epidemiology

CACTC’s data-driven approach identifies targeted populations and focus areas that help ensure we are providing programs and services to community members who need it most.


Evidence-Based Programs

Evidence-based programs are programs that have been tested and shown to have a positive outcome on the target populations. 

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Data Collection & Analysis

We provide research, data collection, strategic planning, media, policy change, and youth engagement services to partners in Cortland County.

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