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Partner Portals

Thanks to having full time graphic design and epidemiology staff for several years now, CACTC has a solid history of public health communications work and data collection and analysis work, both independently and as part of partnerships or contracts with other local agencies.  In 2022, we started building online “portals” to better showcase the products and services we can provide for partners.


We currently have 2 general portals--one for Health Communications and one for Data and Epidemiology--as well as more narrow portals to facilitate specific collaborative projects. We also have 2 public-facing platforms that came out of our literacy work.

General Portals

CACTC has data to support a wide variety of public health information campaigns and has already developed messaging and graphics for many campaigns and is happy to share these with partner agencies. On this portal, partners can browse existing campaign materials to see what they might be able to use for their own campaigns or what we might be able to customize for them into tailored campaigns.

Take advantage of CACTC's two decades of experience collecting and using local data to make informed decisions. This portal serves as a hub for CACTC's data, epidemiology, and research work. In addition to learning about what kinds of collaboration are possible with CACTC (e.g. data collection, analysis, or evaluation), this site is a place for partners to find concrete resources like data dashboards, info on local-data projects, strategy reports, best practices and other resources.

Project Portals

This site collects meeting information among Cortland County Literacy Coalition workgroups, with topics including book distribution, communications, and more.

The Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County (LCOC) work portal is designed to organize Coalition documents for its partners. Resources include a Coalition calendar, meeting agendas and minutes, newsletters, and more.

This site is meant to be the central online place for living documents and other resources to help support the Cortland County Opioid Task Force.

The Healing Cortland Project is spearheading three public health communications campaigns over the course of the HEALing Communities Study. This site serves as a hub for partners to find information, graphics, sample text, and posting schedules.

The Youth Survey is a yearly survey conducted by CACTC to measure the behaviors of the Cortland County students related to health and social determinants of health. Since 2002, CACTC has surveyed 7th-12th grade students in Cortland and since 2019, every school district in the county has participated in the survey with 1,800-2,000 students participating each year. CACTC has also built out dashboards for each participating school to be able to review their own individual data.

Project Platforms

Hello Cortland is one place to find all the family-friendly activities in the Cortland Area

Upstream Parent is a digital resource for parents to help their teens grow up to be healthy and successful

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