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New Portals for Data and Health Communication

Two online portals are now available showcasing CACTC's offerings. The Health Communications Portal features customizable public health campaigns, while the Data and Epidemiology Portal provides resources, and tools for finding/using data, as well as collaboration opportunities.

  • Goal: To streamline access to CACTC's offerings and foster collaboration among partners.

  • The big picture: The portals aim to enhance CACTC's impact by fostering data-driven decision-making and collaborative public health initiatives.

  • Always getting updated: We update the portals regularly with new data, new graphics, and other new materials. Our most recent additions are a campaign about youth and sleep as well as the 2023 Youth Survey Data Dashboard.

Customizable Campaigns: partners can browse an extensive library existing campaign materials to see what they might be able to use for their own campaigns or what we might be able to customize for them into tailored campaigns:

Data dashboards, reports, and more: Take advantage of CACTC's two decades of experience collecting and using local data to make informed decisions:

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